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Hollywood Aquariums is operated by people who care about aquatic life and the importance of sharing that with others. Studies have confirmed aquariums can soothe children suffering from hyperactivity as well as adults in anxious situations, such as visiting the dentist. It has also come to the attention of many that sufferers of Alzheimer's also experience benefits from viewing fish in their undersea environment. These evident advantages have sparked business, wellness, and educational institutions to invest in aquariums. Adding these windows into the watery world to our own day-to-day lives is thought to increase productivity and creativity, as well as invoking a sense of calm.

With a team that includes a Ph.D. Ichthyologist, Aquatic Toxicologist and Zoologist, Hollywood Aquariums is fully qualified to assist you with any of your aquatic animal care needs. In addition, our team has over 45 years of experience designing and creating underwater environments for our clients.

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